The magic of aromas can take you back to your happy memories, and this is exactly what APoEM is based on, awakening the senses through your olfactory memory. Developed by SEPAI Laboratories, APoEM is a personal brand designed by Paola Gugliotta for her own family, formulated on bringing simple yet highly effective products for everyone.

The key to the brand is built on the combination of aromatherapy and phytotherapy, merging Mediterranean herbs and essential oils for a therapeutic healing experience for your skin and mind. Always working with Mother Nature, all of APoEM´s formulas are crafted in cold process, so that all active ingredients preserver their nutrients, minimizing the carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Developed in 2007, APoEM is the first brand to follow ISO 16128 standards, using the exact percentage of natural ingredients in all of their line of products and ensuring that at least 99% is of natural origin. Transparency with consumers is another aspect that characterizes the brand.

The company’s principles are based on respecting nature in every form, excluding any questionable substance from their cosmetics. Toxins and chemicals such as Petrol or Oil Derivatives, Silicones, Artificial Colors and Fragrances, Sulfates, Phthalates, Formaldehyde Releasers, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Parabens, Isothiazolinones, Chemical UV Filters,… are not present in APoEM beauty products. Nor are any ingredients of animal origin.

All of APoEM´s products are 100% vegan, taking cruelty-free a step further by not only not testing their products on animals but also not testing the formulas on humans with no decision capacity, such as babies. Being true to nature, the brand also commits to only use ingredients with the least possible environmental impact.

Based on these principles APoEM offers a wide range of products for your face and your body, acknowledging the difference and specific needs of each skin type.

Detox: crafted with citric aromas such as clementine and Sicilian orange, purifying menthol scents and tree oil, it is an ideal detoxification line for oily skins, seeking balance and a mattifying finish, perfect also for teenage acne-prone skin.

Restore: Like all of APoEM´s products, Restore was Inspired by Paola’s childhood memories. This line reminds Paola of a day in her Nona’s kitchen were the scents of naturally fresh homegrown ingredients and home cooked meals filled the house with aroma and love.  The Restore line was developed for thirsty skins, with deeply nourishing elements such as mint, rosemary, ginger, mandarin, and chamomile, providing deep moisture, softness, smoothness, and balance.

Replenish: this product line was designed to relieve dry skin through concentrated oil from first pressed plants, ensuring to return vitality and energy to the skin. Replenish is serenity, maturity, and sensuality, bringing back memories of bedtime or Sunday walks. With notes of lemongrass, rosemary, ylan ylan, incense and wood. Developed for normal to dry skin, to provide glow and love through extra nutrition.

Calm: Ideal for sensitive and delicate skin in need of harmony, protection and calmness. Aromas like black pepper, bergamot, chamomile and basil, are present in this natural cosmetic line that will bring back peace and happiness to delicate skin.

Kids: Special skin care line for children. Going all natural on your kid’s skin is not enough, as even the so-called “organic” products contain hidden chemicals. APoEm created this line to ensure that no allergens, no toxins, chemicals or any unnecessary ingredients get to your child’s skin. And even if the E.U regulations allow testing on babies, APoEM strictly stands against any type of testing on individuals with no decision capacity, offering a safe and pure product line for Kids.

Paola created APoEM based on her very own beliefs:

  • YES, return to your dreams and positive sensations.
  • THANK YOU, participate every pleasure of life.
  • LOVE, love is a circle, Share it.

APoEM was born from a dream, a dream to reconnect with its founders’ happy memories and share them with her family, with the world and with you.