APoEM is born with the will to share
a very personal and powerful mindfulness
tool to reconnect with your dreams
and achieve mind and body wellbeing.

We don’t use any animal derived ingredients, our products are suitable for the most strict vegans!

NONE of the existing
brands discloses the
real % of naturalness
contained in their
organic certified
products. APoEM DOES
IT based on the only
worldwide recognized
criteria to certify natural
skincare products.

Animal-free-testing is a
legislation standard. BUT WE GO ONE STEP FURTHER by not testing on humans with no decision capacity: BABIES.

We guarantee that at least 99% of the ingredients in the formulation are from natural sources setting aside the 1% for those natural substances that would create a catastrophic
environmental impact if used.

We prioritize the choice of the safest ingredients with the least environmental impact, regardless of its origin. We choose cold process production for energy saving.

100% of the ingredients including the preservatives are approved by Natrue, Cosmos and Ecocert


Petrol/Oil Derivatives, Silicones, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Phenoxyethanol, Sulphates, Phtalates, Toxic Sub-Products, Formaldehyde Releasers, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Animal Origin Ingredients, Parabens, Isothiazolinones, Chemical UV Filters …And More.

dermatologically tested

APOEM Philosophy

APoEM Kids Dreams

Deciding which products to use on our kid’s skin is not an easy decision.
In order to take the best choice, going natural is not enough; the safest products for kids should not contain hidden chemicals inside their fragrances, no allergens, and no unnecessary ingredients in the formulation.
It is also important to make sure that the products do not contain toxic by-products as a result of the combination of some formula ingredients.

APoEM is AGAINST ANY TYPE of TESTING on individuals with no decision capacity.

E.U regulation allows testing on babies. If these tests are carried out, products will indicate: “tested under ophthalmologic and/or paediatric control”. Nowadays there are scientific ways to make sure that these products are safe, without having to test them directly on babies with no decision capacity.

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