Take a deep breath… but why? We are not used to thinking about how we breathe, but doing so could drastically change our lives. Good breathing habits are the key to mental, physical and emotional changes.

The many benefits

Breathing is the best way to eliminate excess carbon dioxide from the body, providing richer oxygen to the body. It improves circulation, reduces stress and much more.

When you take a deep breath, it releases endorphins. These are natural painkillers and can help you heal your body. Taking time to concentrate on the way you breathe can reduce anxiety and stress.

It is also helpful for your day to day functions. With regular breathwork, you can increase your ability to exercise for extended periods of time or to perform at high altitudes, increasing your lung capacity.I

Good breathing for healthy skin

Apart from these lifestyle changes, breathing can also affect your skin and make it look even better and healthier. Different breathing techniques contribute to different aspects of skincare, depending on your skin type and needs.

Two easy ways to start with controlled breathing are practicing your morning and evening routines. In the morning, inhale deeply through the nose, exhaling quickly through your mouth. Repeat this five times, it will jump-start your circulation, to activate your body and bring energy, color, and life to your skin.

At night, prepare for a restorative sleep to prevent dull skin, dark circles, and puffy eyes. Lying down, inhale and exhale through your nose only. Exhale two counts longer than the inhale, and repeat for up to 5 to 10 minutes.

Now that you are thinking about it, take some me-time and treat your lungs with some fresh air!