Protect your skin this summer

Summer is here! The sun is out, the sky is clear, and after isolating, spending time outside is all we truly want.

Soaking up some sun can surely make us happier and help our bodies produce vitamin D. However, sunlight can be harmful to your skin, from accelerating aging signs to causing diseases. Read more about it here.

At APoEM, we care about your skin as much as you do. It’s necessary to stay protected all year long, but even more through summer. Follow these tips to stay safe under the sun!

Cover up

At this point, we think everyone should know how important it is to wear sunscreen every day, but we will remind you once again. Even on cloudy days, apply a good layer of at least SPF 30 sunblock. Remember to re-apply when necessary!

The sun is more intense between 10 and 14hs. If you must be outside at this time, avoid staying under direct sunlight and use protective clothing

On to that point, certain clothes or materials are more resistant to UVA and UVB rays. Hats are your best friend, even when it’s not a bad hair day! Sunglasses can also protect the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Lifestyle check

Making healthy lifestyle choices is always advisable, not only when staying protected during the summer. 

A good habit to adopt is to check your skin regularly. Perform mole checks and look for any changes on freckles or birthmarks.

Avoid using tanning beds. These may seem like a safer option, but they produce UVA rays that are just as harmful. 

As always, maintain a complete skincare routine that adapts to your needs. Keep in mind that your skin’s necessities change with the weather. During summer, it is best to use a mild cleanser and daily moisturizer.

When taking care of your family, protect children according to their age. Kids under six months shouldn’t wear sunscreen, cover them with shade and clothing. 

Let’s all stay protected and enjoy this summer outdoors, without any worries!

clean beauty

Clean beauty: the secrets you need to know

When talking about clean beauty, most people think of something different. Safety within cosmetics is a variable subject, and sometimes even labels aren’t to trust.

To us, clean beauty is about crafting the safest formulas with the purest ingredients, in an efficient but safe quantity.

Natural ingredients are each time more popular, but they are still mixed with toxic agents or grey substances. At APoEM, our products are 100% natural and vegan, free of silicones, sulfates, parabens, and many more harmful components.

How to stay safe

When labels can be misleading, and the ingredient list is hard to read, the best way to stay on the safe side of beauty is to stick to the brands you trust

The fastest way to enjoy clean beauty is to go natural. Nowadays, many plant-derived ingredients achieve the same efficient results as old-time chemicals. 

Do some research on the brands you like and find out about their blacklist (the ingredients they’ll never use) and their principles

What to look out for

Even when the research on harmful ingredients is far from over, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Many substances like parabens and sulfates have tested positive to influencing your hormones, proteins, and cells, irritating your skin and taking away natural oils. 

The current safety laws often overlook these harmful substances. It is even possible to hide the components on the ingredient list by using other names, like in the case of fragrances

Additionally, these chemicals can also be harmful to the environment, as they don’t biodegrade and pollute. At APoEM, we are sustainable and do everything we can to help the world, from ingredients and production processes to the packaging and shipments. 

Stay curious and look into everything you or your family might use. We know how important it is to give your loved ones only the best, that is why APoEM was created with the love of a mother for all families out there.


Fragrances & aromatherapy: finding the safest scents

We love it when a product smells good, as scents can be a big part of our skincare routine. However, not all fragrances are equally safe, and in reality, most are harmful to your skin. 

APoEM is a natural brand, and all of our products contain 100% natural extracts and essential oils that add the benefit of aromatherapy to the different formulas.

Some fragrances could be harming your skin.

Unlike redness-prone skin or sensitive skin types, most skin types may not show any warning signs when coming in contact with fragrances. However, these harmful perfume chemicals are most likely affecting your skin even when you don’t notice it. 

Staying away from suspicious products can save your skin from dryness, allergies, and long-term reactions. At APoEm, we follow strict regulations when choosing our natural fragrances, always testing them on subjects with decision capacity and sensitive skin.

How to choose the right fragrances?

It’s difficult to know which fragrances are safe and which aren’t. Most ingredient labels only read the word “perfume” or similar and do not list all of the components. It is not required by law to specify what comes inside your fragrance, so the ingredient list may not be helpful, but a good way to stay safe is to look for brands that are 100% natural.

As we know that natural ingredients contain allergens that can be sensitizing, our products contain fragrances in really low quantities that still offer the benefit of aromatherapy but aren’t harmful. 

To give our products a whole new meaning, we decided to take our fragrances further with aromatherapy, choosing ingredients that not only smell great, but that will also enhance your mood and cleanse your soul. 

When in doubt, you can always consult our ingredient list on our web page, as well as checking whether each product is safe for pregnancy or celiacs.

Kids & Skincare: the best routine for children

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it’s important to take care of it even from a young age. As a kid, the skin is more resilient, but it is the perfect time to teach good skincare habits.

When to start?

Even when they are just babies, it is important to pay attention to the products you use. It is true that a baby or even a young kid doesn’t need a bath every single day, but it is often the case as they tend to get messy. Use bathing products that are gentle and pure, to take care of their natural oils and avoid drying out their skin.

The Happy hair & body wash is a gentle shower gel made from organic coconut and olive oil. It cleanses the hair and skin while respecting the hydro-lipid barrier.

Using the right products you can even take advantage of the bath time to reinforce the natural skin defenses. The Sweet cleansing oil provides nutrition and comfort.

After a well-deserved bath, you can use the Candid face & body oil with a replenishing and soothing massage. It protects and nourishes the skin with the most gentle natural oils.

For the whole family

These products are perfect for all ages, as they are suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Try to make the skincare routine an enjoyable experience, turning it into a game or a relaxing moment.

Teaching your kids good skincare habits will help them in the future. Not only it will keep them healthy at the moment, but it will also give them the opportunity to grow with beautiful and taken-care-of skin.

The truth about chocolate and skin care

Easter is just around the corner! And with it comes tons of chocolate eggs and yummy treats. The myth that chocolate is harmful to our skin has always been around. But in reality… it’s not true.

There have been many studies over the years looking for the answer but results have been somewhat mixed. To be honest, cocoa isn’t what we should be worrying about, what’s bad about chocolate is the sugar it contains.

Actually, it turns out that cocoa has polyphenols, which are great for the skin! These are packed with antioxidants and increase collagen production.

When used as part of skincare products cocoa can be really moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, helping with oxidant damage and photoaging.

So, why do people blame it all on chocolate? What you should be really worrying about is the sugar or other harmful ingredients that usually come in your chocolate bar. Sugar hardens the skin’s proteins such as collagen, which results in premature aging of the skin.

This Easter, don’t give up on chocolate. Go for the chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa to fulfill your chocaholic dreams!

Spring 101 the natural way.

Spring is almost here, the temperature starts to rise and we have a chance to renew! It’s the perfect time to take advantage of this season and make a change in your skincare routine.

Start over!

Let your skin start over and bloom. Exfoliating is a great way to get a deep cleanse and to feel fresh once again! You can remove dry and dull skin with a gentle exfoliation. It also allows other products to be more efficient, as you’re giving them a fresh canvas. Try the Detox Face Scrub.

Cleanse your skin and soul with the Detox Face Wash. Remove pollution and excess oil from that hot day out.with its citric undertones and gentle foam.

Change with the season.

Keep in mind that your skin’s needs change with the seasons. As the heat takes over, lighten up. It’s a good idea to change your rich creams for lighter ones, to keep skin hydrated without it being too heavy.

However, keeping the moisturizers lighter doesn’t mean you can stop using them, even if you have oily skin, a moisturizer is a key element of every skin care routine.

If you want to read more about why moisturizing is important, go to our blog about moisturizers for oily skin.

Just as with moisturizers, you might want to switch your serums or oils for ones that fit the needs your skin has during the warmer times, going for the lighter formulas. The Rose Hip Oil is a great option!

Stay protected.

Now that the sun starts going out more often, it’s more important than ever to wear sunscreen. This shouldn’t be a seasonal step, though, sunblock is always necessary. Make sure to use SPF every single day, even if it isn’t that sunny outside

And once in a while, for a day of prolonged sun-exposure, give your skin back its moisture with the Replenish Glow Mask.

No matter how you live your Spring, have a nice time and make sure to spare some time to take care of yourself and to give your skin some love.

Is a Detox necessary?

The human body is an amazing machine, it is perfectly able to cleanse and purify itself on its own. Because of this, detoxing isn’t always as necessary as it might be advertised. However, a detox is good once in a while, as it allows the skin to replenish needed vitamins and minerals, giving you a more youthful appearance.

You should want to start a detox if you need a break from the day-to-day or if you want to boost your overall health. It is a good way to escape your normal routine and to make some changes in your life, as detoxing can be helpful if you want to kick off positive a lifestyle.

Not everyone can stick to those strict diets or get a spa treatment. You should choose a program that helps you cleanse, balance and heal at your own pase.

Treatments and products with mud or clay help with detoxifying, they help balance the skin’s pH and eliminate toxins. Seaweed, algae and sea salt are also great, they help draw impurities out and have balancing and healing properties.

A much simpler way to “detox” your skin from harmful ingredients and chemicals is to go for natural and safe products, like the ones we have at APoEM. All of our products are vegan & cruelty-free certified, as well as natural and free of grey substances or toxins.

Try our Detox products, the Detox SerumFace Srub and Face Wash.

It’s never too late to make changes your life, choose the healthy path. If you have any questions, don’t doubt sending us an email or messaging us through or social media.

Why we choose glass bottles over plastic

At APoEM we always try to be the most environmental-friendly we can be. To do this, among other things, we choose to package our products in glass bottles. However, there are some people that wonder if plastic bottles are better than glass. We’re here to let you know why we use glass.

One of the greatest things about glass is that it’s highly recyclable. Glass is recycled into more glass, infinitely, and never loses its integrity. Plastic bottles, however, need to be recycled into something different, like plastic lumber or carpet.

In terms of plastic, even if the recyclable symbol is always there in every plastic bottle, the reality is that only 2 types of plastics are really recycled, but in very low proportions, compared to the number of bottles used worldwide. Every time plastic is recycled it loses its integrity, some even say that it is downcycled. So in order to make new plastic objects, you need to mix recycled plastic with newly produced plastic. If plastic was recycled more often, however, it could be much more environmental-friendly, but it’s often thrown away and ends up in landfills or oceans.

There’s one thing in which plastic bottles are better than glass, and that is in the carbon footprint created by the transportation but also during the production. It’s undeniable that glass is heavier than plastic, this causes glass bottles’ transportation to require more energy. Equally, glass requires much more energy to be molded than plastic.

However, glass is made from natural ingredients that are widely available and easier to find, so it goes up one point when it comes to production.

All these are the reasons why at APoEM we try to use glass bottles as much as we can. The only cases in which we use plastic bottles is when the products go in the shower or are prone to breaking, to make sure you’re always safe.
Making this change is part of how we help the environment, and you can help us too by supporting this cause and recycling as much as you can.

How to find your skin type.

The first step when it comes to having a skincare routine is understanding your skin and knowing what skin type your face has. Learning about your skin’s specific needs is the way to go when choosing the right products for a healthier, more radiant skin.

Your skin is unique, but it can be classified within four big groups by knowing its characteristics. Determine your skin type at home by following one of these two methods.

Tips for safe skin care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage of many hormonal, vascular, and immunological changes, and the skin is one of the most sensible zones on a pregnant person.

There are many conditions you should want to prevent or attenuate when pregnant. Here we’ll discuss the most common ones and give you ways to kiss them goodbye.

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