Can you use facial oils to replace serums? The simple answer is no. Some people think that a serum is no longer necessary when you add oils to your routine, but this is not the case.

Essential oils are great, amazing even, but they aren’t moisturizing. This means that when used on the hydrated but dry skin (dry and dehydrated skin isn’t the same!), oils can be a really good option. But if your skin is dehydrated, which is really common, then you can’t substitute the serum for the oil.

What goes first?

The ideal way to use these two marvelous products is to apply the serum to hydrate the skin as much as it needs it, and then use the oil to nourish the face.

4 simple ways to identify dehydrated skin:

But you might be asking, how do I know if my skin is dehydrated and I need extra moisture? Easy, check if you have any of these symptoms:

Itchy skin: external elements like wind and temperature changes can

Sensitivity: notice if your skin is more sensitive than usual, dehydration might increase this factorcause an itchy and irritating sensation

Fine lines and wrinkles: gently pinch your skin on the cheek and check if there are any fine lines

Dullness: a tired appearance, dark circles, and an overall dull skin aren’t only signs that you might need some rest.

Do you relate to any of these symptoms? You might want to try some products to keep your skin healthy.

If you have dehydrated skin, try the Restore serum, it’s a unique elixir with extra-refreshing and moisturizing power. If your skin is oily, normal or combination, you can try the Detox serum, it detoxifies skin from all kind of pollutants.


However, if you want a facial oil, the Calm Rose Hip oil is perfect for everyone, it is suitable for even sensitive skin types and will replenish and soothe your skin. When it comes to your body, we’ve also got you covered, look for the Replenish Body oil, perfect for dry or sensitive skin.