Chemotyped Aromatherapy and bio-plasma phytotherapy


APoEM was born as a dream, the dream of our founder, to share her most romantic side with you. Founder of three technical and high performing cosmetic brands, wife, and mother of 3, Paola has a hectic pace.
When she needs to relax she likes to retreat to her fortress to formulate. This is her escape valve. The idea of APoEM was born when formulating products for her family. Simple yet effective products for the delicate skin of her babies and teenager sons.

This is how she found the way to transport them back there.

This became a brand out of the will to share with you, and be able to take you to your own dreams, awakening your senses via your olfactory memory, so you can re encounter your positive and joyful moments, and finally take some time for yourself, relax and enjoy.
The chemotyped aromatherapy will provide harmony and the bio-plasma phytotherapy  obtained from carefully selected botanical extracts will heal your skin.

Our founder

“When creating and using APoEM products I reconnect with my happy memories that elevate the consciousness
of my abundance and this becomes a reminder to appreciate each beautiful detail.
Only when I feel complete, grateful and present am I able to share that love with myself and with others. This is my very personal mindfulness tool to transform my habits and I want to share it with you.
I simplify it into three essential words”:


The capacity to reconnect with your dreams and reconcile with your memories, let them surface. Be true to yourself and change those things that need be changed. Be flexible. Be brave enough to remember and strong enough to let go.

thank you

Reconnect with your dreams and make them come true. The process of transformation includes showing appreciation for what you have today.
The ability to be grateful for what is given and accomplished with every step is the key.


Life is all about love. Love is all about acceptance, when you truly love yourself is when you are ready to provide for others. This is a reminder to share this
secret with the people you care
APoEM is all about love.

Paola Gugliotta is the founder of Sepai Laboratories, based in Barcelona, founded in 2008.
Expert in toxic free formulations and active ingredients, she has, according to those who know her,
“a magic touch when formulating her products”

The nature of my formulas

We are all matter, cells, particles, atoms.

Your chemistry, my language, my fascination being the main ingredient. Delicious aromas, which dance non-stop in velvety textures, dances which gladden our inner essence, which move energy and draw a sigh from me.

As my nose becomes tuned, by palate learns, like my eyes taught me to understand. Now, I express myself through my formulas, today in my products I feel reflected.

The connection of the senses.

Light without shadow and your starry sky without my eyelids. What would become of the senses without stimulus? Like a lonely lover, with no one to hold their hand in the storm. You that say you feel, open your eyes, listen….there are secret worlds around you just waiting to caress you.

It taught me to relax, I learnt the art of breathing afresh, how wrong was I, thinking that I knew it all!



The Mediterranean lands of Sicily, you inspire my essential oils with aromas of innocent summers, You; Tuscan fields which lovingly embraced my childhood. My family’s kitchen, my fort, and my Nonna, the bravest warrior, who awoke the aromas of dawn and kept me safe with her “mattarello” until the sunset painted of cinnamon, clove and apple.
The aromas my chill, through them I bring you back to life.



Infusions of rosemary healed my stomach and my skin could only be consoled with oat baths. Mint waived at the end of the table, behind the empty dishes, desiring to calm the excesses of the feast. The crickets sang in the night, the vapours of the camomile danced to their subtle melody. The ancestral art of healing grew in the vegetable garden behind the house, there was no ailment that could hold out against it. We are earth and we will return to her.


this is how we design and develop

Vegan products

We don’t use any animal derived ingredients, our products are suitable for the most strict vegans!.

Free from

Petrol/Oil Derivates, Silicones, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Sulphates, Phtalates, Toxic Sub-Products, Formaldehyde Releasers, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Animal Origin Ingredients, Parabens, Isothiazolinones, Chemical UV Filters, … And More.

NONE of the existing brands discloses the real % of naturalness contained in their organic certified products. APoEM DOES IT based on the only worldwide recognized criteria to certify natural skincare products.

Cruelty free

Animal-free-testing is a legislation standard.
by not testing on humans with no decision capacity: BABIES.

Natural products

We guarantee that at least 99% of the ingredients in the formulation are from natural sources setting aside the 1% for those natural substances that would create a catastrophic environmental impact if used.

We prioritize the choice of the safest ingredients with the least
environmental impact, regardless of its origin.
We choose cold process production for energy saving.

chemotyped aromatherapy

Aromatherapy: from the Greek “aroma”= scent+ “therapeia” = healing,
described in 1935 by Dr. Gattefossé.

Chemotype: precise chemical identification of an organism. The
certificate of guarantee that discloses the real chemical content of a plant.

APoEM’s aromatherapy uses the properties of
chemotyped essential oils to re-establish equilibrium, harmony and
inner balance.

Aromatherapy has been scientifically linked to the production
of endorphins, which are responsible for improving stress
and depression, to equilibrate body and mind.

The essential oils of APoEM are chemotyped and of therapeutic grade,
which ensures a correct psycho-neurosensory stimulation.

bio-plasma phytotherapy

Phytotherapy: from the Greek “fyton”= plant, and “therapeia”= therapy.
Bio-Plasma: Bio-active broth enriched with secondary metabolites derived from the
culture of vegetal cells.

APoEM’s selected phytotherapy rescues the mediterranean
herbs and botanical extracts transforming them by a sophisticated
biotech process with the only aim of
improving the skin’s condition.

This broth is a result of a slow and natural transformation in which vegetal cells
grow and produce micro-substances thanks to controlled stimuli. The substances
include flavonoids, carotenoids, enzymes, vitamins, glicosides, and minerals that
have an enhanced bio-availability for the skin. These ingredients are the catalysts of
important skin processes involved in the protection, repair and reinforcement of the
skin barrier.

The phyto-plasma of APoEM is carefully selected according to the chemotype of the
essential oils to which they are paired, in order to treat the deficiencies and to
reinforce the specific needs of each skin type and concern.


CERTIFICATION : A natural certification means that a
product is at least 95% natural and not totally natural as the
consumer believes.
WHAT DOES 100% NATURAL MEAN: When a natural product states their degree of naturalness, they refer to the origin of the raw materials: 100% natural means the raw materials were natural at the begging of the transformation process. Brands do not disclose their % of naturality in the final formulation.
BUT a product can be 100% made with natural origin
ingredients and could also be 50% natural at the end of the
process*.* just an example
THE GREY AREA : there is a grey area in how naturalness is lost in the “transformation process” of a skincare product and the consumers don’t know how to handle this area because of lack of information from the brands.
There is an internationally recognized ISO standard to define
naturalness of the finished product in a precise way, so that
everyone can know the exact percentage of naturalness
inside their skincare finished products.

customer empowerment


NO MORE GREY: At APoEM we obsess about safety and transparency in the information of our products.
The customer has the right to know the exact percentage of naturalness in every product, based on a unified criteria of what is considered natural and what is not.
THE EXACT PERCENTAGE of naturalness in the final formulation and it must be MINIMUM 97% based on the criteria of *ISO16128 for natural skincare products.
NATURAL ORIGIN of MINIMUM 99%, setting aside the 1% for those natural substances that would create a catastrophic environmental impact if used.
100% APPROVED INGREDIENTS by any certification: Cosmos, Ecocert, Natrue, BDIH, ICEA, Soil Association and Cosmebio.
THE EXTRA 5%: Every certification ensures only a 95%of naturalness , ISO goes beyond that and discloses the full naturalness content, with no grey spaces in between.
THE No-No’s Ingredients you will never find on APoEM formulations: Petrol/Oil Derivatives, Silicones, Artificial Colors, Artificial Fragrances, Phenoxyethanol, Sulphates, Phtalates, Toxic Sub-Products, Formaldehyde Releasers, Ethoxylated Ingredients, Animal Origin Ingredients, Parabens, Isothiazolinones, Chemical UV Filters, …And More.