When treating your skin, the most important factor not to damage the “flora” or the good bacteria, is that the preservatives are mild. If the preservatives are normal, or if the PH is out of range, then there won’t be neither good nor bad bacteria that survive to the formula’s conservative system. That’s why we at Apoem use the minimun amount of preservatives needed so that the bad bacteria, the fungi and the yeast don’t grown, but allowing the good ones survive (which doesn’t happen on 99% of cosmetics in the market).

But… What are these prebiotics and probiotics?

PREBIOTIC REBALANCER: Marine Exopolysaccharide secreted by a planktonic microorganism produced by culture in a bioreactor to obtain a pure and natural molecule that has no land-based equivalent to control skin renewal.

PROBIOTIC: Extreme protector. Obtained by a process of fermentative culturing of the Bacteria of the Depths (Thermus Thermophilus Ferment) rich in Extremozymes, enzymes of the extreme. These bacteria are used to survive the extreme conditions of environmental stress.

This being said, the first probiotic ingredients must be a kind preservative, on minimum dosage and a neutral PH, suitable for the bacteria. Once the base is properly created, when you find some ingredients of bacteria in the formula, it isn’t really the bacteria, but the product of its fermentation, which will have a favorable effect on the skin’s flora.