Pregnancy is a stage of many hormonal, vascular, and immunological changes, and the skin is one of the most sensible zones on a pregnant person.

There are many conditions you should want to prevent or attenuate when pregnant. Here we’ll discuss the most common ones and give you ways to kiss them goodbye.

The changes

Stretch marks are one of the major problems pregnant people fear of. Unfortunately, moisturizers can’t erase stretch marks, but they can keep the skin hydrated and elastic to prevent their growth. Because of this, the best thing you could do is to avoid them from the start.

Use products with Centella, wheat oil, or musk rose oil, to regenerate, protect and hydrate the skin from a dermoepidermal level. In case your stretch marks are formed, you could proceed to treat them medically.

It is completely normal for your skin type to change, you could notice dryness or more sebum production, depending on your case. It is really important that you notice these changes while they happen to be aware of how your skin changes and adjust your skincare routine.

On the other hand, about 70% of people claim that during pregnancy, some areas of the skin show hyperpigmentation. You can treat this by using depigmenting creams or by applying more or less sun protection. Once your pregnancy is over, the pigmentation will go back to normal faster.

Another issue you possibly didn’t take into account is pruritus (or itch). To avoid this, make sure to stay hydrated, to avoid fragrances, and to prevent hot baths or long showers. If you suffer from this, look for a body milk that helps with elasticity and hydration. Also, a homemade emulsion of olive oil with lemon water has shown good results.1

We’re here to help

Pregnancy may be challenging, but taking good care of your skin will make it easier to go through. After all,the results are worth it.

Make sure to check our Pregnant Friendly products, and find out why some products out there aren’t good for pregnancy. If you have more questions on the topic or if we didn’t talk about your skin condition, make sure to send us an email to or to message us on social media!


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