Easter is just around the corner! And with it comes tons of chocolate eggs and yummy treats. The myth that chocolate is harmful to our skin has always been around. But in reality… it’s not true.

There have been many studies over the years looking for the answer but results have been somewhat mixed. To be honest, cocoa isn’t what we should be worrying about, what’s bad about chocolate is the sugar it contains.

Actually, it turns out that cocoa has polyphenols, which are great for the skin! These are packed with antioxidants and increase collagen production.

When used as part of skincare products cocoa can be really moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, helping with oxidant damage and photoaging.

So, why do people blame it all on chocolate? What you should be really worrying about is the sugar or other harmful ingredients that usually come in your chocolate bar. Sugar hardens the skin’s proteins such as collagen, which results in premature aging of the skin.

This Easter, don’t give up on chocolate. Go for the chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa to fulfill your chocaholic dreams!