Working out can be highly beneficial for your physical and mental health, but if you don’t have a workout skincare routine and forget to take care of your skin before and after exercising, you might end up damaging it. Learn what to do pre & post-workout:

Prepare your skin

-Cleanse. It’s important to you wash your face before working out in order to let the skin breathe. The Detox Face Wash is a great option!
-Moisturise. Choose a lightweight moisturizer to help your skin retain water and prevent dehydration while exercising.
-Protect. Add sunscreen if you’re going outdoors. Remember to re-apply if you stay outside for too long or if your skin gets wet. If there will be a lot of sun exposure, wearing a hat is also a good idea.

Recover from the workout

-Shower. Your workout skincare routine also includes your body, warm water can help detoxify your skin, adding a moisturizing soap works best. It’s important to change your clothes to avoid breakouts.
-Tone and moisturize. Help seal in moisture and boost your skin’s resistance by moisturizing after your shower.
-Weekly facial. Cleanse and moisturize with a facial treatment or unclog your pores with specific products, like the Detox Face Scrub.

No matter the kind of workout you practice, even if it’s once a week or every day, it is important to keep your skin in mind. Exercising can be very beneficial for your skin if done right, it can help you detox, release toxins, and get your blood flowing in a healthy way!