At APoEM we always try to be the most environmental-friendly we can be. To do this, among other things, we choose to package our products in glass bottles. However, there are some people that wonder if plastic bottles are better than glass. We’re here to let you know why we use glass.

One of the greatest things about glass is that it’s highly recyclable. Glass is recycled into more glass, infinitely, and never loses its integrity. Plastic bottles, however, need to be recycled into something different, like plastic lumber or carpet.

In terms of plastic, even if the recyclable symbol is always there in every plastic bottle, the reality is that only 2 types of plastics are really recycled, but in very low proportions, compared to the number of bottles used worldwide. Every time plastic is recycled it loses its integrity, some even say that it is downcycled. So in order to make new plastic objects, you need to mix recycled plastic with newly produced plastic. If plastic was recycled more often, however, it could be much more environmental-friendly, but it’s often thrown away and ends up in landfills or oceans.

There’s one thing in which plastic bottles are better than glass, and that is in the carbon footprint created by the transportation but also during the production. It’s undeniable that glass is heavier than plastic, this causes glass bottles’ transportation to require more energy. Equally, glass requires much more energy to be molded than plastic.

However, glass is made from natural ingredients that are widely available and easier to find, so it goes up one point when it comes to production.

All these are the reasons why at APoEM we try to use glass bottles as much as we can. The only cases in which we use plastic bottles is when the products go in the shower or are prone to breaking, to make sure you’re always safe.
Making this change is part of how we help the environment, and you can help us too by supporting this cause and recycling as much as you can.